Discography: A Highlighted Selection

Gary is celebrating 20 years of Internationally-released recordings.

Listen to Gary's music here. Select albums available for purchase in the store and via iTunes.

Distant Shores

Gary Stroutsos, Apr-96

Winds of Honor

Gary Stroutsos, Hunk Papa Lakota Goodhouse Family, Apr-96

I Am Walking: New Native Music

Various Artists, Aug-97

Cuba LA

Executive Producer, Jun-98

Lewis & Clark: Sounds of Discovery

Gary Stroutsos, Mary Louise Defender Wilson, Eagle Heart, Oct-98

The Elder's Speak

Various Makoche' Artists, Jan-99

People of the Willows

Various Makoche' Artists, Sep-99

Pacific Moon

Gary Stroutsos, Glen Velez, Liz Falconer, Larry Mahlis, Mar-01

Echoes of Canyon de Chelly

Gary Stroutsos, Paul Thompson, Mar-02

Oru: The Natural Order

Gary Stroutsos, Jul-02

Quiet Fire

Gary Stroutsos, Will Clipman, William Eaton, Jul-04

The Makoche' Masters

Various Makoche' Artists, Feb-05

Spirit Romance

David Lanz, Gary Stroutsos, Glen Velez, Aug-05

The Native Heart

Gary Stroutsos, Jovino Santos Neto, Jul-07

Heart of the Bitterroot

Julie Cajune, Gary Stroutsos, David Lanz, Jun-08

Within you Without You

Gary Stroutsos, David Lanz, Jun-09

Sacred Earth - Silent Angel

Gary Stroutsos, David Revelli, Jan-10

Sacred Earth - PBS Soundtrack

David Lanz, Gary Stroutsos, Mar-10

Liverpool: Re-imagining the Beatles

David Lanz, Gary Stroutsos, Jul-10

The Liverpool Trio - Live in Seoul

David Lanz, Gary Stroutsos, Sep-10

Inside Tutka Bay

Gary Stroutsos, David Revelli, Southwest String Quartet, Feb-11

Hear Comes the Sun

David Lanz, Gary Stroutsos, Walter Grey, Keith Lowe, Oct-11

Time Travelers

Michael Graham Allen, Gary Stroutsos, David Lanz, Oct-11

Remembering the Songs

Gary Stroutsos, Paul Thompson, Fernando Cellicion, Nov-11


Gary Stroutsos, 2011

Echoes from Prayer Rock

Gary Stroutsos, 2013

Old Songs

Gary Stroutsos, 2015

Flute Meditations for Yoga & Massage

Gary Stroutsos, 2015
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