Forest Dance

Forest Dance explores new arrangements for the acoustic music of Jethro Tull featuring Gary Stroutsos on various woodwinds & Tony Garone on acoustic guitars & vocals.

In Gary Stroutsos' words:

I am very honored to have worked with Tony on this special project that extends the range and scope of the music and lyrics that Ian Anderson & Jethro Tull created during the his most prolific young years.  Tony arranged all the music for me to improvise over first takes on all the tracks with my selection of 100-year-old Haynes wood concert C, Silver Alto, and Chinese bamboo Xiao flutes. 

We both shared a joint passion to create this new music beyond tribute or covers. Ian Anderson himself in a recent interview stated how he wants to hear his music done in new musical contexts: well, here it is! As a world flute artist from many genres and someone who has had unique opportunities throughout his career, we must know “It is about the spirit of the music that can create positive bonds among us. We can make a better world through music and sounds dream ~ dreams."  I hope everyone enjoys our new music which we are both very proud of sharing.

- Gary Stroutsos May 2016