ORU: The Natural Order (CD)


ORU: The Natural Order (CD)


Oru follows the natural order of the deities from the ancient Nigerian Yoruba religions, extracting the melodies of the Afro-Cuban songs and prayers and placing them in a new musical context of Native American and Chinese flutes. The album features the vocal styling of Lazano Galarraga, Afro-Cuban culture bearer, and Elaine Hernandez, with Cuban percussionists MichitoSanchez and Kevin Ricard.

Gary Stroutsos – Rivercane, Chinese Bamboo Xiao, Bamboo Transverse Flutes & Clay Whistles
Michito Sanchez – Percussion
Kevin Ricard – Percussion
Rene Camacho – Double Bass
Joe Rotondi, Jr – Piano
Eliane Hernandez – Vocals Track #4 & #5
Lazaro Galarraga – Vocals Track #6

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