“In his lifetime, Gary has played music from many cultures. His integrity, humanity and humor have opened doors into personal and private worlds. The gift of songs and relationships with people from around the world has enriched Gary’s life. These are gifts that Gary honors and remembers.” 
-Julie Cajune, Salish Montana educator

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Recent Projects

"A beautiful meditation on nature's harmony in what is perhaps America's most under-appreciated landscape."
- Ken Burns

Dispelling the notion that deserts are deserted places, Desert Dreams immerses viewers in a world filled with life and beauty year-round. Using no narration, Desert Dreams combines natural sounds with a kaleidoscope of flute and percussion vignettes by Gary Stroutsos. Twenty-nine musical instruments with “earthy tones” can be heard in this film, including Chinese bamboo Dize & Xiao flutes, the African clay pot udu drum, a Cuban Marimbula thumb piano, a Middle Eastern frame drum, and Southwestern desert contemporary rim flutes.

Desert Dreams went national as a pledge drive program on Public Television in August 2015.  And before year’s end, the program grew rapidly in popularity among viewers — it had 630 telecasts on 155 stations/channels across 62 markets in 20 states covering 40% of the USA. 

New Album Release: Old Songs, 2016

"Old Songs reflects a commitment I made back in 1996 when I first went to the Northern Plains of Dakota to study and record the songs of the American Indian. In 2015, I wanted to re-record my favorite melodies, which you hear on this recording. Many thanks go out to traditional American Indian flute makers Paul Thompson ~ Navajo and Bryan Akipa ~ Dakota. Without their flutes I could not have made this recording."
- Gary Stroutsos, 2016